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Boutique private practices by challenging the status quo through entrepreneurship.

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i'm nesh

SLP Insurance Guru®

I am the founder of a boutique private practice that specializes in helping families access fair and equitable services through schools and other agencies with expert insight and support.

I offer similar support for SLPs, too!

I help fellow SLPs with:

  • Establishing the foundation of their practice
  • Creating processes and procedures for efficiency and growth
  • Significantly reducing their fear of interacting with insurance
  • Thinking outside the box to expand their practice to their heart’s content

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my mission is simple;

I support SLPs in crafting strategies to empower their practice to reach its full potential through knowledge that will serve as an exit strategy or multiplier; this includes screening clients because every client is not your client.

this learning experience provides


Billing & Coding SLP™: Navigating Insurance for Speech-Language Pathologists in Private Practice


Foundations of an SLP Private Practice™: A Systematic Guide for Getting Organized, Reducing Risk, and Increasing Success

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what our colleagues are saying

"Every single private practice owner needs to invest in Nesha’s Billing and Coding SLP course."

This is equivalent to a college course we never received as SLPs with a straight forward no fluff approach. She’s supportive and offers Clubhouse sessions and a Facebook support group. You won’t regret having this knowledge in your private practice toolkit. I promise!!

Marcia Church

Pediatric Speech Stars

"With this course you will be presented with multimodal learning activities that truly instill the information into your brain without all the fluff!!"

The Billing and Coding course is so comprehensive along with actionable steps to help private practitioners achieve the ultimate goal of understanding insurance and GETTING PAID! Most SLPs are leaving money on the table, because they simply don’t understand insurance.

Calonda Henry

Broad Horizons

"Taking Nesh's Billing and Coding class was a game changer for me!"

She not only teaches what she knows but she actually applies what she knows in her own private practice and teaches it to us. That is what was most important to me when joining her class. Not only that, her weekly clubhouse meetings allowed us to ask further questions and network with other like-minded professionals.

Destiny Brook Johnson

Multimodal Communication

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Explore my background, expertise, and the comprehensive support I provide to speech-language pathologists, like you!

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