Billing & Coding SLP™

Navigating Insurance for Speech-Language Pathologists in Private Practice

Master the essential skills needed to code claims with precision, bill Medicaid and commercial insurance plans with ease, and record visits effectively to establish streamlined and predictable revenue cycles for your speech therapy private practice.

Lessons are dripped once per week for 5 weeks. 

Enrollment opens quarterly. Join the waitlist to be notified.

8.0 PDH (certificate issued at completion)

What does ASHA say about PDHs?

They are activities that contribute to your professional development and will lead to acquiring and enhancing skills and knowledge required for independent audiology and SLP practice. Learn More.

Who is this course designed for?
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What supports are offered?
Access to a secret Facebook group is provided immediately after purchase. Check the Welcome lesson immediately after purchase.

A secret Clubhouse group also exists.

How long will colleagues have access to the course content?
Enrollment expires 12 months from the initial purchase. If you require additional time, an offer to extend access (significantly discounted) will be e-mailed during the next enrollment after your course expires.

Are refunds offered?
Because this is an information product and knowledge delivery cannot be reversed, a refund cannot be offered.

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When is enrollment?
Enrollment occurs every few months. Join the list located on the footer of the page to be informed of the next enrollment date and time.

Why does course enrollment close?
The goal is success. Enrollment is limited to ensure the instructor has the capacity to adequately support all current enrolled colleagues.

What is insurance billing and coding?

For private practice speech-language pathologists, mastering billing and coding is essential. With clients often relying on insurance benefits, submitting claims or providing superbills becomes routine. It’s crucial to master the selection of accurate codes, aligning them precisely with services rendered and clients’ medical histories, while adhering to submission protocols rigorously. Attending to these nuances diligently is imperative to avoid claim denials, optimize billing potential, secure precise reimbursement, and ultimately elevate revenue streams.

What about superbills?

A superbill is still considered an insurance claim. Have you set your rate appropriately to provide this document? Are you familiar with the requirements providers should adhere to for successful reimbursement?  And can you recognize when a superbill should not be provided? 

Insurance Negotiation

Experiencing challenges in becoming an in-network provider? Alternatively, have you succeeded in joining but are unsatisfied with the rates provided? Learn effective tactics and actionable measures to identify the responsible parties within the insurance company to persuade and negotiate for improved rates and/or network privileges.

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Who is this course for?

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